Aquaman 2 is set to hit Nigerian Cinemas in December

Aquaman 2, the second movie in the DC Universe's Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa, will be released in Nigeria on December 22. The movie follows Aquaman's story as he navigates the challenges of fatherhood, kingship, and a looming global threat from his old enemy.

Nov. 17, 2023

Aquaman 2 is set to hit Nigerian Cinemas in December

This December will not be only about the bustle and festivity of Christmas and the chickens as DC Universe will take us on a journey to the sea world. The sequel to Aquaman, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, also known as Aquaman 2, will be released on December 22. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s trailer was released in September, showcasing his new lifestyle, and snippets of his battles against his enemies particularly, his old enemy, the Black Manta. Before Christmas, the movie should be in major cinemas in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, and other cities in Nigeria. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will star Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as Orm Marius or Ocean Master, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna, and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne.

What to expect?

Another trip under the sea - not Elegushi Beach or Jabi Lake. The trailer shows us how Arthur Curry / Aquaman struggles to manage his new life as a father and as a King since his half-brother is imprisoned. He has moved away from the life of a wanderer who journeys under the sea to a club jugging down plenty of cups of wine. The water world has its crisis, too, that needs to be tackled by the King. Everything was going a little smoothly until the Black Manta brought utter chaos to the water world. He is still sulking after his father’s death at the hands of Aquaman. He vowed to kill Aquaman and destroy everything he loves and holds dear. We saw Queen Atlanna being chased, Mera stuck in a water cell, and the house of Aquaman’s father razed down. Absolute chaos and great scenes!


The Black Manta challenge Aquaman with a deadly weapon known as the Black Trident. The Black Trident is also related to the Lost Kingdom, as is in the title. We could hear Aquaman’s mom, Queen Atlanna, telling Aquaman that Black Manta needs to be stopped or a global meltdown is imminent in the trailer. War is coming, and Aquaman doesn't have what it takes to defend his home and loved ones. He will seek the help of a former enemy and half-brother, Orm. Orm also pointed out in the trailer that the Black Manta aims to end the royal timeline (Aquaman’s son). 


Aquaman in his blue suit

In this movie, Aquaman will wear two suits: his traditional gold and green ensemble suit and Aquaman's 1986 Neal Pozner comic-inspired metallic blue suit. The metallic blue suit is designed to offer better camouflage than his traditional suit. Jason Momoa also complained about the process used for filming underwater scenes in the first movie, so Director James Wan said that Aquaman 2 was filmed with multiple cameras before transferring the movements into a 3-D model. Due to the legal battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, we will see little of her in this movie.

The Lost Kingdom

Aquaman 2 will shed more light on the Lost Kingdom. We know that the Lost Kingdom, also known as the Lost Nation or Necrus, is one of the seven kingdoms that seceded off when the ancient Atlantis sank. Aquaman once asked Vulko about the kingdom, and he responded that the nation just disappeared. Based on Zack Snyder’s planned story arc for the first Justice League sequel, Zack described the Lost Kingdom as a nation on an underwater continental shelf filled with volcanoes and tide pools.

Aquaman (2018)

A poster for the 2018 American superhero film Aquaman.


The first franchise started with Thomas Curry rescuing Queen Atlanna during a fierce storm. They fell in love and gave birth to Arthur, who can communicate with sea creatures. Atlantean soldiers later came for Atlanna. She commanded Vulko, her advisor, to train her kid, Arthur. Arthur discovered that Atlanna, his mother, was executed by King Orvax for loving a surface dweller and human (Thomas Curry) and thus discarded his Atlantean identity.


Years later, Arthur was given the name Aquaman for his metahuman abilities. His bloody relationship with Manta (the Black Manta) started when Aquaman killed a pirate, Jesse Kane, who happened to be Manta’s father. The first franchise was about how King Orm, Aquaman’s younger half-brother, tried to unite Atlantis to destroy the surface world (humans) for polluting the ocean. We saw Mera and Aquaman working together to knock Orm out of his mad campaign. Arthur also found his mother lost in the uncharted sea. He also recovered Atlan’s trident and defeated Orm. In the mid-credits scene, David Kane (Black Manta) is rescued by Dr Stephen Shin, a scientist obsessed with Atlantis. Black Manta agreed to lead Dr Shin to Atlantis in exchange for help in his revenge mission on Aquaman. The enmity that the Black Manta have for Aquaman leads to the story of Aquaman 2.


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the last Superhero movie of the year and the final movie of the DC Extended Universe. The DCEU boasted 15 stellar movies, which started with the 2013 Man of Steel. In January, James Gunn, a co-CEO of DC Studios, said that The Flash would “reset” the DC Universe and everything we know about it. Aquaman (2018) grossed $1.1 billion worldwide and remains DC's most commercially successful movie. Will Aquaman 2 beat this feat? Only one way to find out.

Where can you watch Aquaman 2 in Nigeria?

Aquaman 2 or Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit the cinemas in December. Top cinemas in Nigeria will release their schedule as soon as they arrange their bases. When the movie hits cinemas, make sure you watch it before big-mouth kids and Twitter citizens spoil it for you. 

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