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Ibraheem Adebisi


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  Ogun State     |     |       Apr 15

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Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   Citation (2020)

Citation is a very movie. It portrays the level at which sexual harassment by lecturers has become so rampant in Universities. It tackles every angle of the subject and showed how University life looks like.

I'll also like to commend Temi Otedola as she killed her debut appearance as an actor. A debutant taking the lead role and properly doing justice to her act is not something you just come by.

Kunle Afolayan has always proved himself to be one of the best film directors in Africa, and Citation is just another masterpiece from the director.

The movie is a very nice movie and I'll recommend it for everyone to go see it.


Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   The New Mutants (2020)

The movie is very plain. Like I was able to predict every move. Maybe it is because I was expecting something more since we're talking Mutants here. I didn't enjoy the movie, so happy I didn't get the chance to see it in the cinema because I'd have regretted it more. I couldn't watch the movie on a stretch.

If you're looking for something to kill boredom, then you have to look further.


Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   Kasanova (2019)

Kasanova movie. Well, it's a nice drama movie with nice acting I must say. But the storyline for me is kind of too shallow, there was nothing new to bring in.

Though, the representation of the characters was very okay, but that would have been very nice with a better story.


Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   Antebellum (2020)

Antebellum is just the right definition of a top-class movie. Everything about the movie is just top-class. Janelle Monae was just too perfect with both her roles as Eden and as Veronica Henley. The story is very nice and very well arranged.

Nice movie, and a great job done.


Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   Elevator Baby (2019)

Elevator Baby is honestly one of the best Nollywood movie I've seen so far. It is just the definition of 'confirm,' I missed watching it movie theaters and I was like why is everyone hyping this movie. I got the opportunity to see it on Netflix and I must say the movie is great. A round of applause for Timini Egbuson, that guy made me so emotional with the way he handled the character, he was just too perfect with the act. The storyline is very okay, the directing is nice, the lighting and all is just amazing. We need more of this.