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Ibraheem Adebisi


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  Ogun State     |     |       Apr 15

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Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   Kasanova (2019)

Kasanova movie. Well, it's a nice drama movie with nice acting I must say. But the storyline for me is kind of too shallow, there was nothing new to bring in.

Though, the representation of the characters was very okay, but that would have been very nice with a better story.


Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   Antebellum (2020)

Antebellum is just the right definition of a top-class movie. Everything about the movie is just top-class. Janelle Monae was just too perfect with both her roles as Eden and as Veronica Henley. The story is very nice and very well arranged.

Nice movie, and a great job done.


Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   Elevator Baby (2019)

Elevator Baby is honestly one of the best Nollywood movie I've seen so far. It is just the definition of 'confirm,' I missed watching it movie theaters and I was like why is everyone hyping this movie. I got the opportunity to see it on Netflix and I must say the movie is great. A round of applause for Timini Egbuson, that guy made me so emotional with the way he handled the character, he was just too perfect with the act. The storyline is very okay, the directing is nice, the lighting and all is just amazing. We need more of this.


Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   Mulan (2020)

Mulan for me was worth the wait. I must say I like the fact that message was a say no to misogyny and I really love the action displayed by Liu Yifei (Mulan) in the movie.

Why is Mulan getting a 3/5 from me? Simple, the storyline is plain. I could predict every 'what's next' in the movie. Apart from that everything else for me is fine. The choreography and the stunts are very amazing.

We need to see more of this, but definitely with a very fantastic storyline.


Ibraheem Adebisi   @realh_max   -   Project Power (2020)

Project Power is a 1 hour 51 minutes full of quality movie. Dominique Fishback was really good with her role as Robin, especially with her lines, one just have to give her the credit for the great performance she put up throughout the movie.

The movie is a good movie generally, the storyline isn't spectacular but it is superb, the actions/fightings are very close to realistic as it should be when superpowers are involved.

Taking about the music choices, I'd just qualify it as dope. The raps are just mind-blowing.

Project Power is a good movie and it's worth your 2 hours.