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A muslimah and a polyvalent Nurse

  Sep 08

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AINA ADENIKE   @aina_adenike   -   Life in a Year (2020)

The movie wasn't really interesting for me cos it was predictable nothing special about the movie...


AINA ADENIKE   @aina_adenike   -   Citation (2020)

Citation is a really interesting movie...The display of African culture and a typical scenario of the Nigerian university system is just on point!!❤... A 4 star for me cos it was unnecessarily long ,it could still av made much sense if it wasn't that long and also i wasn't expecting Moremi to come back to her boyfriend after making her go through the drama alone..


AINA ADENIKE   @aina_adenike   -   Greenland (2020)

A really interesting movie...It kept me glued to my screen all through....It shows how family can stick together in trying times.


AINA ADENIKE   @aina_adenike   -   Secret Society of Second Born Royals (2020)

It's a really good movie just that the plot is just so predictable..The atom of surprise wasn't much of a surprise for me..So it's a 3 star


AINA ADENIKE   @aina_adenike   -   Enola Holmes (2020)

A very engaging moving, worth the 2hrs movie time...I love the plot twist between mystery, love and family...Av not seen other sherlock Holmes movies but this one is a sure high 5...I wasn't bored all through the movie one bit...Enola Holmes sure played her role well..I hope she got married to the lord afterwards, smiles.