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Tobi George


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Your number one movie G.O.A.T

  Ibadan, Nigeria.     |       Aug 29

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Tobi George   @Zaddy   -   Tenet (2020)

Trust me this movie is lovable, the characters even go as far as warning us “not to try and understand”.

There's a whole lot of complexities, future vs the past, inverse entropy, temporal pincer movement. Honestly I'd advise you watch the movie then read about it. The action sequences are dope and the movie as a whole is a paradox that just leaves you hungry for an answer you won't get


Tobi George   @Zaddy   -   Greenland (2020)

Greenland was greatly average, It had stellar performances from Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin. That alone couldn't hide the flaws in the movie, the plot was poor built on, the storyline was predictable as it lacked the thrill I anticipated.

The movie although leaves you heavily invested, it isn't per sey award worthy or audience captivating but in a time like 2020, Greenland is that family drama you need to watch. Despite terrible parenting and couple skills, they stick it out till the end.

Lastly, it's high time Hollywood celebrates King Bach for some of the shortest roles in 2020 movies


Tobi George   @Zaddy   -   Citation (2020)


* The directing of the movie was great, the perfect timing of some close shots, the well organized extras amidst location of the movie. No doubt a campus like OAU controlling the extras to fit into the movie scenes was a kudos. Kunle Afolayan is a man of many talents.

* The locations used in the movie were diverse, despite the major premise set around the OAU campus, we got a feel of Yoruba, French and portuguese vibes in Nigeria, Senegal and Cape verde respectively.

* Casting is another plus for this movie, you get to see Gabriel Afolayan actually show some karate flexibility, Temi Otedola portrays this brilliant young lady who gets caught up in the web of a smart manipulative Professor, a few other note worthy casts were Dr Awosika, Ini Edo the green snake.

* With the hype I expected a lot more from the story line, the story line felt jumped even for a 2hours plus movie. But that in fact makes it a good thing, when it comes to University, you'd be in and out of relationship like sleeping and waking up.

I also felt Temi Otedola couldn't really bring her character to life where it mattered. Her first step at acting and it's not all that bad but at some point in the storyline I was begging to feel her pain, to feel hurt for being assaulted but I just couldn't. A few waterworks could have done it for me.


Tobi George   @Zaddy   -   Oloture (2020)


The premise of the movie is simple; a young journalist journey's into the life of prostitution, its effects and trafficking. A big kudos goes to this Netflix production, the storyline seems well researched, I love where most of the scenes are giving you that real life take on prostitution. I applaud the cast of this movie cause the topic in question needs people who can integrate into their roles and bring out that surreal feeling the director wants us to have. Wofaifada and gave one of the best “ashewo” performances and expect a few astonishing scenes; like how most of the popular actresses participate in the dirty work. Omoni Oboli remains ever wonderful, yes for the first time Ikechukwu is beginning to get the ropes of acting movies.


Tobi George   @Zaddy   -   Secret Society of Second Born Royals (2020)

Two stars is the nicest I'll be towards this movie. Well, prepare for lots of ominous sounds now and then, a rebellious princess turned saviour of the day, an “IG” freak turned I don't need social media, a super cool “I order you to do what I want”, a nerd with the bug attraction and lastly “I can steal your powers, be the lead actresses bestie and boom I'm so evil”. Like we didn't already know from the red apple?.

Well let me not bore you, like the character James said “What are you waiting for, a Royal Invitation?” Go and Watch!!!