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The King's Man: Disney Postpones the Release Date

The release date of the much-anticipated action-comedy has moved forward

The release date of the action-comedy by Disney, The King's Man, is shifted till next year


Just as it happened with Mulan, I guess movie lovers will have to be more patient with movies they waited all year to see from the powerhouse, Disney. The Pandemic has caused a massive shift, affecting many things and planned events. Such is the release date of “The King's Man”. 



The King's Man, which was earlier slated to hit the cinemas on the 16th of September, 2020, was shifted a few hours ago, to the 26th of February 2021. Movie enthusiasts worldwide are left with no choice but to reserve all the action for next year, as uncertainty looms over the re-opening of cinemas this 2020.


The action-comedy directed by the award-winning Matthew Vaughn, stars top actors like Ralph Fiennes, Gelma Arterton, Djimon Hounsou, and many others.


I guess we all have to save the excitement for later, folks!


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Olomola Ebenezer @Eben - 04 Sep, 20

it's painful but we go wait nii

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Oshoko OluwaBukunmi @Ayo - 27 Aug, 20

We don't kuku have a choice... We'll wait noni

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