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World War Veteran and Electronics Engineer finally passes on at 103 years.

Father of ace movie-maker, Steven Spielberg has passed on.


The name Spielberg is not new to any Hollywood enthusiast and we at UPreviews are no exception.


The news of the passing of someone from the Spielberg family had us rummaging through every newsfeed to find out who died and what killed him. Well, on Tuesday, August 26, 2020, the passing of the father (Arnold Spielberg)  of Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg was made public.


The veteran electrician who was known to have a liking for electronics from a tender age of 6, and even went on to get a degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, was said to die of natural causes at the age of 103 years. Before his demise, Spielberg was enlisted in the army as a radio operator and chief communicator in the 490th Bomb squadron AKA Burma Bridge busters in December 1941.


He is preceded in death by his brother and two wives. But on the bright side, he is leaving four children as his legacy, popular filmmaker Steven, being the only male amongst them.


Picture of Steven and Arnold at a Movie Premiere


During his interview, Steven made it known that he was present with his father during his last moments, and they had a heart to heart conversation, in which he made his profound love and gratitude known to his father, moments before he gave up the ghost.


During the interview, his three sisters weren't mentioned, leaving us to wonder if they weren't lucky enough to have been present during such an auspicious time.


Spielberg is survived by four step-children, eleven grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and many nieces, cousins, and nephews.


Due to the pandemic and to follow all safety protocols, a celebration of life is slated to hold later in 2021. The family has requested that all donations be made to the National World War II museum in New Orleans or the Jewish war veterans of the United States of America.


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Akinsanya Ayodeji @WackoJacko - 27 Aug, 20

Awwwwww... May his soul rest in perfect peace

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