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Lateef Adedimeji and Adebimpe Oyebade come yet with more love teasing photos

Nollywood stars Lateef Adedimeji and Adebimpe share lovely couple photos of themselves

It's no newer, and it is not the first time Nollywood fans are left wondering if it is happening between their favourite Nollywood stars, Lateef Adedimeji and Bimpe Oyebade.

This time the couple decided to take on their Instagram accounts to send another teasing message to their fans by sharing a photo of themselves in beautiful traditional attire. The setting looks like a wedding shoot, but both their captions gave a coming back together message.

On the actor's profile, he captioned the photo saying, "Love above everything @mo_bimpe."


The actress didn't diverge as she posted the same photo with a caption, "All things feel anew @adedimejilateef."


Well, what everyone is not sure of is if this is a declaration photo or is just a publicity move for one of their upcoming movie together. Many comments from their friends and fans, most of which had the "stop confusing us and go straight to the point" message, and some of which were congratulations messages. Deyemitheactor had his own funny "Congratulations on your audio marriage" comment on Lateef's post.

Lateef moments later, he shared multiple photos of himself and Adebimpe, hinting something sparking between the two actors. The post also revealed the creatives behind the photo giving photo credit to a wedding photographer named Soji Oni and leaving a "@mo_bimpe + @adedimejilateef" caption on it.


Meanwhile, the couple had earlier shared lovely photos in wedding-looking attires on July 5 on their Instagram pages, leaving many question marks and guesses for their fans.

Lateef shared the photos writing, "To forever with you."

Bimpe also took on her own Instagram page posting the same photos and captioned it, saying, "I don't need paradise because I found you," so romantic of her.

But quotes from Miss Oyebade in an interview with Broadway TV months ago claiming the actor is not her type, and she's just close friends with him still leave a doubt in their fans' minds.

According to the actress in the interview, she claimed that they are both in different relationships, and it is just their fans that are making it look like they are lovers.

She said, "I am not in a relationship with Lateef Adedimeji but we are friends. I won’t deny the fact that we are friends, we are close friends. We are not in a relationship; we are both in different relationships.

“When you are too close to the opposite sex, it’s a problem. People think you are dating. Lateef is only the one that is close to me, I am not the kind that makes a lot of friends when it comes to the industry.”



What do you think is going on between this two, do you think they are really dating or just teasing around?

Let us know your opinions in the comments section below, and do not forget to share the exciting news with other Nollywood fans that haven't heard the gist yet.



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  Comments   (5)

Olomola Ebenezer @Eben - 04 Sep, 20

it might be a movie or not. well who knows

  1   0

Lawal Mariam @lawal_mariam - 28 Aug, 20

Am guessing it's a movie

  0   0

Oluwakemi Mercy Raji @oluwakemi_mercy_raji - 27 Aug, 20

These two sha

Make we leave them to themselves abeg

  1   0

Ibraheem Adebisi @realh_max - 27 Aug, 20

This guys are sharing movie photos ni jare. Why did the girl deny the whole story at first?

  1   1

Mariam @Maryam_titilope - 27 Aug, 20

We know how these guys can be.

Until they come out straight, we'll never know


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