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King of Boys 2: Latest Update on Release Date

The Latest news about the sequel to the Nollywood hit, King of Boys.

Award-winning film-maker and writer Kemi Adetiba, drops a teaser to get fans bubbling with excitement.


It is no longer news that the groundbreaking Nollywood Movie King of Boys (KOB) would return to the screen with the second and final chapter. It has only been a question of "When?"



A few hours ago, the Creator and Writer of the Nollywood Blockbuster sent the fans into a Utopia of excitement as a teaser surfaced on the official Instagram page of the King of Boys movie. Many had expected news about the film to surface earlier, but the outbreak of the Corona Virus put plans on hold.


Kemi Adetiba had tweeted initially about "loosing the teaser" sometime around February 2020 and posting via her Instagram page but has officially released what looks to be a work of art through the King of Boys Instagram account. 



Could this be the teaser she claimed to have lost? Even if it wasn't, it's doing well enough in sending chills down the spines of enthusiasts all around the world!


King of Boys (2018) smashed the records set by one of Adetiba's previous works, The Wedding Party 1 (2016) by maintaining the number one spot in movie cinemas across the country for about seven weeks, swooping in a staggering ₦240 million in the Box office.


Ladies and Gentlemen, making a smart guess about what Kemi Adetiba is cooking and bringing to the table next, these records would look pathetic.


Are you excited or what?!



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Oladipupo Bamgbose @oladipupo_bamgbose - 05 Aug, 20

What's the fuss about sef? They should just release this thing abeg

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Ibraheem Adebisi @realh_max - 05 Aug, 20

I really don't know why she has to continue the movie. I hope the movie doesn't share the same fate with The Wedding Party. I heard a rumour that Makanaki didn't die even. Let's wait for the movie's release sha, I want to know the continuation of the story.

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Adebayo Raheem @adraheemzy - 05 Aug, 20

This coronavirus should just end 😭😭... I can't wait for this KOB II ❤️... The first one was mad 🔥🔥... I'm 100% sure that this one will be madder 🤩🔥

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Oshoko OluwaBukunmi @Ayo - 05 Aug, 20

I honestly can't wait. The final scene in the first movie still plays in head Everytime I hear KOB

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