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Amber Heard reveals that Johnny threw bottles at her, and sister testifies to the claims of an abusive relationship

The latest news from the court showdown between Johnny Depp and NGN franchise, The Sun.

Welcome back to the latest juice to be served on this enthralling legal battle between Johnny Depp and famous magazine outfit, The Sun. Johnny Depp sued the Sun for libel, after calling him a "wife beater," This case is starting to take all forms of shapes. The actual reasons behind the separation between Johnny Depp and Ex-wife Amber Heard are being made manifest for the general public.

Recently, Elon Musk was dragged into the picture by a concierge at Johnny Depp's pent House apartment in Los Angeles, which indirectly implied that Musk and Amber were secretly having an affair. Amber Heard debunked all such claims and said the multi-billionaire was a friend who was only helping her to get out of a nasty marriage.

Picture proof by Amber Heard


While giving her testimony at the High Court in London on Tuesday, Amber Heard recalled an incident in 2015 where Johnny Depp hurled empty bottles at her "Like Grenades." She claimed that he threw every container he could lay his hands on, aiming to hit her with the bottles. In the process, Johnny Depp mishandled some broken pieces and severed his finger in the process. Depp has earlier claimed that Amber was responsible for that, incident and she promptly denied.

Day 12 of the trial allowed Amber Heard to reveal more about the abusive relationship she had with Johnny Depp as she told the court about "One of the the worst and most violent nights" of their entire marriage. Jinny Depp accused of slapping Amber, throwing a decanter, and dragging her using her hair.

"I can just tell you after everything I had been through; I had been strangled, punched, sexually assaulted, among other things…"

Amber Heard's younger sister, Whitney  Henriquez, also testifies alongside Heard to an incident when Johnny Depp attempted to throw both of them down the stairs in March 2015, which led to Amber striking Depp "for the first time" in attempt to defend herself and her sister. 57-year-old Johnny Depp denied all claims linked with that incident. The showdown continues as both parties keep showing up with more information regarding their disastrous marriage that lasted only two years.



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