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A step by step guideline on how to write a movie review the expert way 101

Guidelines to follow when writing a film review

For a person that wants to write a review on a movie, this article will take you through the important steps in writing a good film review.

Seeing a movie, sometimes you get very excited and amazed by the outcome of the movie, sometimes you beat yourself up for choosing to see that movie, like I did with John Wick 3, though that is just me, a lot of people think John Wick: Chapter 3 was a good movie. But try to remember that last movie you so much anticipated and at the end it was a flop, maybe by the end of this article you won’t mind sharing the name of that one or many movie(s).

So, what do you do when you feel amazed, indifferent or disappointed by a movie?

So, what's next?

You probably want to tell your friends not to waste time in seeing the movie or warn other movie lovers not to waste their time and money in seeing that movie. Yeah, we’ve all been there before. The best thing to do is to pour out your opinion and a verdict on that movie and the best way to do that is to write a movie review, but you have to do it the right way.

This article will guide you with the steps in writing a proper movie review. At least then you can say if that movie they’ve all been talking about is just a normal movie and there is nothing special about it.

I promise not to bore you, so let’s get into it real fast so you can start sharing your proper reviews.

Writing a movie review

So, what is a movie review?

A movie review also a film review is a medium through which film critics or movie lovers use to express their opinion on a movie to other movie lovers or those who are seeking to see a movie. It is used to show if they feel the movie is good and is worth watching or the movie is a bad movie and is not worth wasting time on. This is done by rating the movie and having a write up showing why the person feels the movie deserves the rating.


Steps in writing a proper film review.

A movie clapperboard

Take one, in writing a proper film review, there are steps you should follow to do it the right way. You can be famous for a review you write, so you should consider following the right steps highlighted below to write a good review article for a movie.


1. Be familiar with the movie you’re about to review

You must have seen the movie you are to review

Yes, I know you already know this but you need to see that movie at least once before writing a review about it. You need to be familiar with the movie, you need to know the actors of the movie, for instance, Odunlade Adekola might get the chance to feature in an Hollywood film, yeah, imagine the noise the movie gets, you most likely will want to focus or relate your review to the new character Odunlade Adekola is about playing, you need to know the past acts by the actor before you can relate your review to him.

Some movies are in a franchise, so whenever you want to write a movie review on any movie in a film franchise, let’s say you are writing a review for a just released sequel in the franchise, you need to see and understand every previous movies in the franchise so you can understand perfectly the storyline of the movie.

Sometimes, you need to know the director of the movie. Let’s take myself for instance, I wouldn’t want to miss reviewing any horror movie by Jordan Peele. To write a review on a movie like Candyman which is not released yet at the time of this article, I have to be familiar with his Get Out movie in 2017, and Us movie in 2019, so that I can be familiar with the director’s work on horror films which will help guide me through what I’m to talk about the movie.


2. Give the movie a rating


A 4 over 5 rating from Wikimedia commons under CC BY-SA 3.0

After you must have seen the movie, studied every details of the movie and you’re ready to write a review, you need to give it a film rating. On our website, we have a rating scale of 1 to 5, you can choose to give the movie any rating over 5 on our website. The rating helps to give your reader an insight of what he or she is to expect from your movie review, maybe the movie is a bad one, an okay one, or a good film.


3. Start your writing by capturing your reader’s attention

Capture the attention of your readers

Every content does require an advert or a call to action in any form to get its audience to check it out, your review needs to something to compel your reader to continue reading the body of your review. If the movie is a good one for you, then your first words should show your readers why you the think they should see the movie. Let’s say for instance I want to write a review on the Bloodshot movie, I can start my review with, “If you are one of those thinking the Bloodshot movie will be mind-blowing kind of movie, you probably need to have a rethink before seeing the movie”, this shows that I personally do not see the movie as a great movie, then with my first sentence any reader would like to know why I feel that way and will like to hear my side of the story.



4. Explain the details of the movie

Explain the details of the movie

This is where your previous or residual knowledge about the movie, the movie director, the actor comes into in play. You might want to talk about a previous movie directed by the same film director, a movie that same actor plays the lead role, or a previous part of the movie. It will help give your readers an idea of what they should expect and connect them more to your review.


5. Give a plot summary (Avoid Spoilers)

Write down the plot summary of the movie

The movie’s description should give you an idea of how your plot summary should look like. You can work through the story of the main character but be careful not to give details of how the story ended so you won't be spoiling the movie for your readers.


6. Give the details of the review

Here you'd want to tell them what you feel about the plot, the sound effects, the lighting, the video effects, the graphics, the environment, the acting, the music used and how they are being applied in the movie, the moral implications of the movie on the audience, and many other details you want to talk about in the movie. But you have to be as neutral as possible, you might not like the actor, do not let that affect your review on the movie. You will highlight here the goods and the bads of the movie and why you think of is so.



7. Come up with your verdict

Image of a legal gavel from Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 2.0

This is the point where you give your final judgement about the movie in review. Here you will make your audience know know if its a good idea to see the movie or it is not. For an illustration, you can end your review with something like, “Sugar Rush movie is full of laughters, it is a good go for anyone who loves comedy movies, but if you're the type that appreciate more seriousness and an out of the normal storyline, you might want to wait to see it on Netflix”.


Following these steps, I think you're good to go to write a very good film review. You can start now by signing up to UPreviews and select any movie you want to review.




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Olomola Ebenezer @Eben - 29 Jul, 20

A really nice read

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@Ayodavidbayo - 19 Jul, 20

Thanks for the heads up!

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Farida @Rheeda - 18 Jul, 20

Very nice article but I think with all this ,the review would have gotten so long and might bore the reader or the length doesn't matter?

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UPreviews Media @upreviews_media - 20 Jul, 20

Actually, there's a way you can write a short review touching all the points stated in the article.


Akinsanya Ayodeji @WackoJacko - 18 Jul, 20

See as article sweet to read 🤗🤗🤗

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Ibraheem Adebisi @realh_max - 18 Jul, 20

This is a very nice article, I must admit.

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