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Voiceless (2020)

Voiceless (2020)

The Hausa feature film is a story of love and the power of dreams in the midst of the violence and terrorism in Nigeria's northeast and is based on eyewitness account. It follows the story of a bright, promising girl, Salma who was held captive by a daring terrorist group along with 245 of her schoolmates. Despite her seemingly hopeless reality, she refuses to give up on her big dreams. The struggle to regain freedom and realize her dreams leads to unfathomable pains and deaths.

— Abba Alli Zaky

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Country:  Nigeria

Language:  Fulah

Release date:   Fri, 20 Nov, 2020

Movie Reviews (1 reviews)

Hausa Channel @hausa_channel

  ·   05 Jan, 21

The best movie that has ever been produced in Nigeria. It has a budget of around 1m dollars and was in a local language! It has everything an international movie takes to be superb! It was supposed to be real and unbiased Nigeria's selection for the 93rd Oscar but was not chosen because of political reasons.


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