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The Old Guard (2020)

The Old Guard (2020)


The Old Guard movie is a movie that stars Charlize Theron as a leader of a set of immortal mercenaries whose secrets are being discovered and are to fight to keep their identity.

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Genre:Action Fantasy

Country:  United States

Language:  English

Release date:   Fri, 10 Jul, 2020

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Olajire Uthman @olajire_uthman

The film madt... Wish I can be part?

awotunde oluwaseun omolola @awotunde_oluwaseun_o

I'm giving the movie a 3 star because I've not seen it yet, but from opinions in the reviews , I'll be back to give a higher or lower review when I see the movie and I'll drop a critic too ?

Makinde Ademilade @Manuel

Love it

Adeduwon Oluwatimilehin @Timi

Nice movie

Okegbemi Olawale @okegbemi_olawale

Interesting film.

Okunowo John Ayodeji @okunowo_john_ayodeji

It is a good movie. Everything must come to an end. I really do hope there is a sequel. A bit of more history would be okay and more intriguing missions

Basirat Oluwapelumi @basirat_oluwapelumi

It's a really nice movie

Gideon Kolade @gideon_kolade

The movie is really worth the hype, we watch some movies where the immortals has to have some of supernatural power and their life expectancy do not expire, but the movie just gave us the opposite, no matter how old we get, we get to die one day... Waiting for the second part of the movie cos it has to have one.

Oluwasola Sunmon @oluwasola_sunmon

The Old Guard is what Extraction thought it was

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