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Tenet (2020)

Tenet (2020)

Tenet movie tells the story of a man who is fighting for a course aimed for the survival of the entire world, but has to go through some things that will unfold in something beyond real time.

Director:   Christopher Nolan

Writer:   Christopher Nolan

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Genre:Action Sci-Fi Thriller

Country:  United Kingdom, United States

Language:  English

Release date:   Thu, 03 Sep, 2020

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  ·   09 Oct, 20


My best movie this year???

Akiibinu Mayowa @akiibinu_mayowa

  ·   07 Dec, 20

Such a great movie! I i love everything about it

Tobi George @Zaddy

  ·   13 Dec, 20

Trust me this movie is lovable, the characters even go as far as warning us “not to try and understand”.

There's a whole lot of complexities, future vs the past, inverse entropy, temporal pincer movement. Honestly I'd advise you watch the movie then read about it. The action sequences are dope and the movie as a whole is a paradox that just leaves you hungry for an answer you won't get

David Folaranmi @david_folaranmi

  ·   07 Oct, 20

Christopher Nolan did it again with Tenet, but this time it's way crazier than inception


  ·   15 Sep, 20


This is the kind of movie you will be watching and you will rewind to re-watch some parts.

This movie should receive award.

The storyline is fascinating, the part where time travels is really needed to conquer some parts really got me.

The fact that someone's life is attached to the lifes of the world. Whereby when the person dies, the world will also perish. This really got me.

TENET is a movie to watch without getting bored for a second.


  ·   15 Sep, 20

I know TENET ain't out to download yet but I just watched it at a cinema.. Damn! It's mind blowing! There are no words to describe the concept and execution of the story. You'll literally have your mind blown watching and calculating trying to keep up with the brilliance of this amazing movie. You gotta watch this! Well done Christopher Nolan. This is my best movie of the decade! Best movie ever!


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