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Sugar Rush (2019)

Sugar Rush (2019)

After the Sugar Sisters, discover a whopping $800,000, the financial crimes commission and the supposed owners of the money come for them. Now to save themselves, they team up with unlikely allies and it's a race against the clock to set things right.

By Jadesola Osiberu (Producer)

Producer:   Jadesola Osiberu

Director:   Kayode Kasum

Executive Producer:   Banky Wellington

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Country:  Nigeria

Language:  English

Release date:   Wed, 25 Dec, 2019

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Gbadegesin ganiyu @gwiseg

  ·   17 Apr, 21


Ibraheem Adebisi @realh_max

  ·   29 Jul, 20

Sugar Rush gets a 2.5/5 rating for me. You must give it to the cast, those guys proved they were professionals, they handled their roles perfectly well. But the storyline for me is kind of faulty. Yes, I know it is a comedy movie, but it won't harm to give a audience a story that seems real at least. The character William Uchemba played was kind of unrealistic for me, we all know that this is Nigeria, but at least even if the stupid character was to make the audience laugh, the writer should have at least willed him a special quality to be a top undercover operative of the EFCC.

Everything else is okay for me, I'd have forgiven the storyline if the movie were to be a low-budget movie, but this is Sugar Rush.


  ·   02 Oct, 20

On point

Kasali Mariam @kasali_mariam

  ·   26 Sep, 20

Fun, interesting, dramatic

It's a must watch

Kazeem Oluwatosin @Supreme

  ·   12 Jul, 20


  ·   12 Jul, 20

TOBILOBA OLUGBEMI @tobiloba_olugbemi

  ·   11 Jul, 20

This is a good movie

Ilerioluwatomilola @ladyheavenly

  ·   11 Jul, 20

A job well done.


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