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Project Power (2020)

Project Power (2020)

On the streets of New Orleans, word begins to spread about a mysterious new pill that unlocks superpowers unique to each user. The catch: You don't know what will happen until you take it. While some develop bulletproof skin, invisibility, and super strength, others exhibit a deadlier reaction. But when the pill escalates crime within the city to dangerous levels, a local cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) teams with a teenage dealer (Dominique Fishback) and a former soldier fueled by a secret vendetta (Jamie Foxx) to fight power with power and risk taking the pill in order to track down and stop the group responsible for creating it.


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Genre:Sci-Fi Thriller

Country:  United States

Language:  English

Release date:   Fri, 14 Aug, 2020

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Adedayo Olaitan @adedayo_olaitan

  ·   29 Sep, 20

?Jamie Fox is always the craziest in his movies. Power is such a nice watch. Could’ve use more blend on the story itself though.

Rebecca Bassey @rebecca

  ·   18 Aug, 20

If you can get a superpower for 5 minutes, would you want it?

Yes, right?

And if I told you that you take a pill to get this power, and you can get any kind of power there is, would you still want it?

Your answer better be no. ?

Your body undergoes various changes so fast to give you that special power from the pill. Once the five minutes are up, you can't expect your body to remain the way it was before the change.

It's common sense!

But, apparently, the humans in this movie didn't have much sense. Humans are not so stupid in real life, thank you very much.

Unless I missed something.

My view about Project Power '20 is that it was fast-paced. With all the science mumble-jumble going on, I wasn't able to understand most of their ish.

They didn't really give you time to know a particular character and understand why he or she would behave in a certain way or respond in a certain manner.

"Show, not tell."

For a movie, all they did was tell.

Hamidah Malomo @hamidah_malomo

  ·   19 Nov, 20


  ·   02 Oct, 20

I really love the movie... It's interesting

Olomola Ebenezer @Eben

  ·   04 Sep, 20

Kazeem Oluwatosin @Supreme

  ·   30 Aug, 20

Ibraheem Adebisi @realh_max

  ·   17 Aug, 20

Project Power is a 1 hour 51 minutes full of quality movie. Dominique Fishback was really good with her role as Robin, especially with her lines, one just have to give her the credit for the great performance she put up throughout the movie.

The movie is a good movie generally, the storyline isn't spectacular but it is superb, the actions/fightings are very close to realistic as it should be when superpowers are involved.

Taking about the music choices, I'd just qualify it as dope. The raps are just mind-blowing.

Project Power is a good movie and it's worth your 2 hours.


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