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Nimbe: The Movie (2019)

Nimbe: The Movie (2019)

Nimbe movie tells the story of a young boy who is introduced to a dangerous world of thuggery, and hard drugs by a neighbour who he just met after being a victim of child negligence by his own parents and being bullied by his peers.

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Country:  Nigeria

Language:  English

Release date:   Fri, 29 Mar, 2019

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Gideon Kolade @gideon_kolade

  ·   29 Jul, 20

The adverse effects wrong parenting, unsettled homes has on children is nothing to write home about, there are lots of pressure on the children, ranging 4rm family pressure, to peer pressure to societal pressure, the best to do as a parent is to try as much as possible to surround their children with *love, care and undivided attention,* it's not an easy job to be parent but it's a task that must be duly carried out with d factors I already mentioned. When these kids are in need of something or they're in need, let them feel they can get it with your(parents) help and let them feel they can pour out their heart. As much as we children needs to be disciplined, fear shouldn't be instilled in us.

This movie I watched gave another angle on unsettled homes, I won't say a broken home, the angle is not all children survives the trauma those homes have given to them and that it's not every time, money solves issues.


  ·   02 Oct, 20

I don't know but diaris something just off about this movie I was expecting Nimbe to have a second chance with that babe....And to me Nimbe had a good support as regards mother, but he still chose to succumb to peer pressure..... But anyhow it's interesting in it's own way

Kazeem Oluwatosin @Supreme

  ·   30 Aug, 20

Adepoju Adenike @adepoju_adenike

  ·   06 Aug, 20


  ·   27 Jul, 20

Initially I used to be someone very emotional.

When I watched NIMBE my eyes flow with torrent tears, I could feel the pain every depressed being is passing through out there

This is for every home , infact every Nigeria parent deserves it Mostly Yoruba's

The cast did a great job

They've really done well


  ·   26 Jul, 20

This movie made me cry so much...this is a must watch for all parents and intending parents... God bless the makers of this movie and God bless upreview ...❤️❤️❤️


  ·   26 Jul, 20

Every parent/guardians need to watch this great movie, this movie brought tears to my eye.

It shows that not all child that comes from abusive family later got their path straight compared to other movies.

His father caused most of the things that happen to him, this movie looks real.


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