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Mulan (2020)

Mulan (2020)

Mulan is the story of a young Chinese maiden who disguises herself as a male warrior in order to take the place of her sick father in a war. The movie is a live-action of the Disney's animation with the same name, 'Mulan'.

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Genre:Action Adventure Drama Family

Country:  United States

Language:  English

Release date:   Fri, 04 Sep, 2020

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  ·   02 Oct, 20

Mulan's zeal in this movie is awesome...And the king did not even look than on her at all unlike her commanding officer...That part really got me...

Ibraheem Adebisi @realh_max

  ·   04 Sep, 20

Mulan for me was worth the wait. I must say I like the fact that message was a say no to misogyny and I really love the action displayed by Liu Yifei (Mulan) in the movie.

Why is Mulan getting a 3/5 from me? Simple, the storyline is plain. I could predict every 'what's next' in the movie. Apart from that everything else for me is fine. The choreography and the stunts are very amazing.

We need to see more of this, but definitely with a very fantastic storyline.


  ·   03 Mar, 21


  ·   13 Nov, 20

Adedayo Olaitan @adedayo_olaitan

  ·   29 Sep, 20

I like how Disney actually put time into changing the story from what we say in the cartoon. The look more serious and should resonate with the adult world. ? Nice to see Jet Li in action again, aced the emperor.

Ewebiyi Oludolapo @Oludolapo

  ·   27 Sep, 20

Great movie.....I enjoyed it.

Nixon Npacho @nixon_npacho

  ·   26 Sep, 20

I like the story line, allow women warriors to live like warriors.

Kasali Mariam @kasali_mariam

  ·   26 Sep, 20

Highly recommended

You wouldn't regret making the choice to watch it

Kingsley Nworie @kingsley_nworie

  ·   07 Sep, 20


Olomola Ebenezer @Eben

  ·   06 Sep, 20

Great story. Great combat. Great stunt. JetLi still does his Movie tricks LMAO. it's a really nice movie I'll recommend to anybody, but i didn't like the fact that it's kinda predictable. But it's cool sha

Tobi George @Zaddy

  ·   05 Sep, 20

First things first I've to state my excitement on seeing Jet Li with his martial arts theatrics on screen again. Donnie Yen also put on a stellar performance, he's always serving hot hot well synchronized Martial arts for the big screen.

The movie Mulan has a lot of perks, it tackles a major ill in the society. Some may see the movie as targeting Misogyny and Patriarchy(which it does). I'd say in general the movies speaks to us to desist from that need to put down or isolate those we consider different. The movie has a strong message.

BUT!!! Here comes the part where the movie just got me all errr. So the lead actress journey's her way up to become the finest warrior but along the line there were so many clichés. The incessant appearance of the phoenix to send that goosebump feeling, you will come across these virtues a lot “Loyal, Brave and True”.

A whole lot of other things which will be considered spoilers but in the end it's a solid 3/5.

Anyanwu Chibundu @Mandablizz

  ·   05 Sep, 20

This movie was very very interesting. I like that the evil hawk(cartoon) became a witch. It was really worth the wait


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