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Monster Hunter (2020)

Monster Hunter (2020)

Based on a video game by Capcom, Monster Hunter tells the story of how Lt. Artermis and her loyal soldiers will fight for their survival against some enormous enemies with incredible powers.

Viewer's Guide

Recommended for general audience

No Sex and Nudity. Moderate Violence and Gore. Very few use of Curse Words. No use of Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking. Moderate amount of Frightening and Intense Scenes.

  • Zero   Sex & Nudity

    Through a portion of the film, a woman wears a tank top and the outline of her nipples press through her shirt somewhat.

  • Mild   Violence & Gore

    * The films opens on a monster attacking a ships full of people. The people are tossed about, on falls hard to hew deck, and some fall over board. One man flies off the boat and is gored by the monster's horn. Minor blood or gore.

    * A few people are tossed around as their car falls through the air and lands hard. None are seriously injured.

    * Some soldiers find other soldiers burned and surrounded by their burned equipment. The scene does not focus on the bodies.

    * A group of soldiers are attacked by a monster. Some are hit and thrown long distances, one is gored. The soldiers shoot at it and drive away. The car is tossed by the monster and eventually the soldiers escape.

    * Large insect type monsters attack a group of soldiers. One person is stung and falls unconscious. The people shoot at the insects, but they are overwhelmed. one person is cut in half.

    * A man and a woman fight several times with hard punches, kicks, and thrown, and they capture each other and tie them up at separate times. The man is wounded with a knife once, and the wound is shown but not serious. The fights are choreographed by violent.

    * An insect monster chases a woman as she runs away, but is it stopped and it head split in two. The monster is then cut up and parts removed.

    * A man and a woman fight a large monster. The man stabs it, and the woman shoots it with a rocket launcher. The man is hit hard and knocked out but the monster is eventually killed. A piece if the monsters skin is pealed away afterwards.

    * A man is gored by a monster, and kn owing that he will die, he detonates an explosive harming himself and the monster.

    * A man punches a woman in the face, knocking her out.

    * Several people fight a large flying monster that breathes fire. Many of the people are hit away very hard, and one person is eaten. The monster destroys many machines and it is implied that the people operating them are killed as well. Wounds made to the monster are shown, but include minor blood or gore.

  • Mild   Profanity

    Only a few curse words.

  • Zero   Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    A man and a woman share a drink from a flask, and it is implied to be some kind of strong alcohol.

  • Mild   Frightening & Intense Scenes

    * A few jump-scares throughout.

    * The several monsters are meant to be frightening.

    * The many on-screen deaths may be difficult for some viewers.

    * The scenes involving the insect monsters and the lair may be very difficult for some viewers.

    * A woman rocks back and forth, seemingly traumatized after a very horrifying ordeal.

  • Zero   Certifications


    Rated PG-13 for sequences of creature action and violence throughout










    United Kingdom:12A

    United States:PG-13 (certificate #52041)


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