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Kasanova (2019)

Kasanova (2019)

A romantic comedy movie that involves the love story of a young man, a young lady, and their parents, as the single father of the young man falls in love with the mother of the young lady.

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Genre:Romance Comedy

Country:  Nigeria

Language:  English, Yoruba

Release date:   Fri, 13 Sep, 2019

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Nixon Npacho @nixon_npacho

  ·   18 Aug, 20

Well the story line is dope.

Ibraheem Adebisi @realh_max

  ·   20 Sep, 20

Kasanova movie. Well, it's a nice drama movie with nice acting I must say. But the storyline for me is kind of too shallow, there was nothing new to bring in.

Though, the representation of the characters was very okay, but that would have been very nice with a better story.

Kasali Mariam @kasali_mariam

  ·   26 Sep, 20

Olomola Ebenezer @Eben

  ·   04 Sep, 20

Cool story. though the story became tiring later


  ·   23 Aug, 20

Olamide Shadare @Thamani669

  ·   23 Aug, 20

Somorin Olaide @somorin_olaide

  ·   21 Jul, 20

Okegbemi Olawale @okegbemi_olawale

  ·   14 Jul, 20

Wonderful. Still laughing from those crazy acts

Oluwasola Sunmon @oluwasola_sunmon

  ·   13 Jul, 20

Kazeem Oluwatosin @Supreme

  ·   12 Jul, 20

Farida @Rheeda

  ·   12 Jul, 20

upreview never disappoints,there is always a movie to your own taste and this is definitely a must watch,you will love it.


  ·   12 Jul, 20


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