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Citation (2020)

Citation (2020)

Citation is a movie about a young girl who is a victim of sexual harassment by a lecturer in her institution.

Director:   Kunle Afolayan

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Country:  Nigeria

Language:  English, French

Release date:   Fri, 06 Nov, 2020

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Honey @honey

  ·   11 Dec, 20

I love how Teni has never acted but managed to do a great job for a first time, if you're looking for a full romance movie, this is the wrong movie but if you're looking for wonderfully made film that portrays real life sh**ts at its best. This is it.

Tobi George @Zaddy

  ·   07 Nov, 20


* The directing of the movie was great, the perfect timing of some close shots, the well organized extras amidst location of the movie. No doubt a campus like OAU controlling the extras to fit into the movie scenes was a kudos. Kunle Afolayan is a man of many talents.

* The locations used in the movie were diverse, despite the major premise set around the OAU campus, we got a feel of Yoruba, French and portuguese vibes in Nigeria, Senegal and Cape verde respectively.

* Casting is another plus for this movie, you get to see Gabriel Afolayan actually show some karate flexibility, Temi Otedola portrays this brilliant young lady who gets caught up in the web of a smart manipulative Professor, a few other note worthy casts were Dr Awosika, Ini Edo the green snake.

* With the hype I expected a lot more from the story line, the story line felt jumped even for a 2hours plus movie. But that in fact makes it a good thing, when it comes to University, you'd be in and out of relationship like sleeping and waking up.

I also felt Temi Otedola couldn't really bring her character to life where it mattered. Her first step at acting and it's not all that bad but at some point in the storyline I was begging to feel her pain, to feel hurt for being assaulted but I just couldn't. A few waterworks could have done it for me.

Husmanov Adeleke @husmanov_adeleke

  ·   27 Feb, 21

AINA ADENIKE @aina_adenike

  ·   16 Nov, 20

Citation is a really interesting movie...The display of African culture and a typical scenario of the Nigerian university system is just on point!!❤... A 4 star for me cos it was unnecessarily long ,it could still av made much sense if it wasn't that long and also i wasn't expecting Moremi to come back to her boyfriend after making her go through the drama alone..

Ibraheem Adebisi @realh_max

  ·   15 Nov, 20

Citation is a very movie. It portrays the level at which sexual harassment by lecturers has become so rampant in Universities. It tackles every angle of the subject and showed how University life looks like.

I'll also like to commend Temi Otedola as she killed her debut appearance as an actor. A debutant taking the lead role and properly doing justice to her act is not something you just come by.

Kunle Afolayan has always proved himself to be one of the best film directors in Africa, and Citation is just another masterpiece from the director.

The movie is a very nice movie and I'll recommend it for everyone to go see it.


  ·   09 Nov, 20

5 star rating from me. I must give enough credit to all who participated in the movie, topnotch performance. To the producer, big ups, nice colour combinations and this particular movie really brought out African beautiful.


  ·   09 Nov, 20

Citation is a very good movie because it portrayed perfectly what the Nigerian higher institutions are like, how any lecturer could easily believed over any student that's why some students take laws into their hands

And a great education from Kunle Afolayan , anyone looking for pure entertainment should know his movie is not the stop and I like how he took time to educate and he infused culture into it

Nice movie tho


  ·   09 Nov, 20

This movie is everything and more.....being Temi Otedola's first role in a movie,she deserves bunch of accolades,go girl!!!!!

Williams Diwura @williams_diwura

  ·   09 Nov, 20

Honestly, the cast, location and languages were super impressive. Just one issue, this movie portrayed something it shouldn't have. No man or woman should have the right to walk out of your life, leave when you needed them the most and come back with a 'hug'. Proper apologies are necessary. Hugs ain't apologies. Aside that, Kudos to the team.


  ·   09 Nov, 20

The movie👌

alatise oluwaseun emmanuel @GhostBurna

  ·   09 Nov, 20

Not all 5 stars because the happy ending portrayed isn't what it is like in reality. So ama leave it as that


  ·   09 Nov, 20

Well This Movie Is definitely a step up in

the Nigeria Movie industry. I mean I was amazed with the the way it all played out...And Kudos to everyone that made this movie a success


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